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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

I am proud to announce that I am the first Physiotherapist in the UK to introduce the ASA PMEF device. ASA are a renowned manufacturer of high end, cutting edge Medical Therapy Equipment and have sold over 10,000 of these devices throughout the World. The ASA PEMF device is not to be confused with magnetic bracelets, hand held devices or PEMF home use mats.

PEMF stands for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field. PEMF Therapy has been around since the 1950’s. It benefits for a wide range of a pathologies continues to be researched. There is a huge body of medical literature supporting its use. NICE NHS research have documented its benefits. PEMF was first used by the Soviet Union in the treatment of Cosmonauts after Space missions and later introduced into Mainstream Healthcare throughout the Soviet Union. NASA later researched and patented its use to stop Bone Loss, Muscle Atrophy and Fatigue Primarily for Astronauts during and after Space Travel. As with the Soviet Union Nasa documented how PEMF’s benefits extended to mainstream medicine and in 2009 released the patent for some of its uses. In the USA the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have cleared It’s use by Medical Professionals to treat conditions as diverse as Depression, Non-union Fractures, Postoperative Oedema and Superficial Soft Tissue Pain and Regeneration. It continues to be widely used throughout Europe in particularly Germany and Italy, USA and many other parts of the World. It offers great benefits in the treatment of a number of Acute and Chronic conditions. Recent studies have been performed using PEMF with stem cell implantation because of its potential to decrease Inflammation and increase Cellular Energy Potential. It is now used to enhance athletic performance due to the effect of increased Cellular uptake of oxygen after treatment.



A strong magnetic field is obtained when an electrical current flows through wires inside the solenoid on the device. The current is varied creating a Pulsed Magnetic Field. The wave and shape of the field can be changed; omitting a rectangular, square or triangular field. Variation of the frequency and intensity allows for different biological effects of cells via a large solenoid. It stimulates the piezoelectric effect which is required for bone regrowth.

PEMF depolarises the cell membranes and increase the energy inside the cell, increasing the flow of Calcium-ions which has a cascade of positive effects. It increases protein synthesis, oxygenation and ATP production. PEMF increases mitochondrial cell function, also increases Vasodilation and circulation by up to 200%. This enables a dying cell to recover and increases the pain threshold of nerve cells.

It is important to understand that the body requires more than just PEMF to replenish itself. How well you heal is also dependent on the nutrition (chemical substrates) and hydration your body has available. Therefore; before, during and after, a healthy diet and supplements will be required to gain the best results.

PEMF Machine


A Physiotherapy Initial Assessment appointment is required before your first session of PEMF. A consultation is required to find out if this is a suitable therapy for you. The cost will be removed from your group session price if you are suitable. If you are not then another treatment will be performed as a standard Physiotherapy Session. We require an overall picture of your health; including your medical history, medications, current diet and supplements that you may be taking. Medical History must also include the use of alcohol or recreational drugs. Your blood pressure will be taken. If you are taking medication it may be necessary to inform your GP.


We are able to treat you if you have any pins, plates or screws fixating your bones as they are titanium. We are able to treat whilst you are in a plaster cast. If you have a hearing aid this will require removing. Any jewellery will require removing including watches. Any clothes with metal zips or buttons will require removing (please wear clothes without metal buttons) Mobile phone are not able to be used during treatment. You will remain dressed during your treatment.

10 to 15 sessions are normally required. It may be recommended for you to take nutritional supplements. Once pain is reduced an exercise plan will be given that is suited to your needs. This will benefit your long term recovery process and help to increase your activity levels and quality of life.