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Woman Sits on Vibration Training Machine


Power/Vibration or Whole Body Vibration Training

This is a method of training on a Vibration or Power Plate. The machine consists of a vibrating plate on which a person stands. The vibrations increase the stretch to muscle and tendon fibres as well as increasing the gravitational loading. Therefore the amount of time required to develop muscle strength is rapidly accelerated compared to other forms of training. Indeed 10 to 12 minutes is all the time required per training session. This is the equivalent of up to one hour intensive training in a gym.

This form of training is used by astronauts prior to and after space flight. Vibration training was the most effective method to regain muscle bulk and bone density lost through time spent in a zero gravity state. It also burns up to 3 times more calories than other forms of exercise.

Vibrostation Benefits:

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Who should not use the vibration/power plate?

How many sessions a week are needed to maximise benefits?

At least twice a week is required, with a maximum three times a week, to optimise the benefits. These consist of 10-12 minute sessions. It should be used as part of a combined programme since it is not a cardiovascular exercise. It should also be guided by a fully qualified Physiotherapist as part of a programme and treatment. The first session only causes a “vibrating experience” due to the vibration effect dominating all other sensations. After a few sessions the patient experiences the muscle tonicity of the individual muscle groups exercised.