Ford Physiotherapy Clinic

Back Massage


Here at Ford Physiotherapy Clinic massage unlike many other clinics is carried out by a fully qualified Physiotherapist. Massage was initially the heart of our training. Due to this fact Ford Physiotherapy Clinic has maintained this as an integral part of it's philosophy. A good therapist is able to feel with their hands what the eyes alone are unable to see. In a similar way that a blind person is able to read brail. You have a choice of Relaxation Swedish Style massage or Sports massage.


Swedish massage works in the direction of venous circulation and aids lymphatic drainage. The key movements are effleurage, kneading/petrissage, and percussion. The movements are performed slow and rhythmically to aid a deep relaxation.


Sports massage works in a range of directions and is a faster deeper type of massage. Often used by athletes to improve performance. It is also used after injury to soften tissue.


Can aid digestion and help minor abdominal problems.


Increases circulation
Lymphatic flow
Improves the quality and elasticity of scar tissue
Improves tissue flexibility
Friction massage can break down fibrous tissue adhesions
Stimulate the nervous system by stimulating nerve receptors
Increase well-being
Aid relaxation